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The Research Academy Leipzig is the umbrella organisation for all structured doctoral qualification programmes at Leipzig University. It aims at providing the best possible conditions for the advancement of young researchers.


Coffee Conversations

Graduating with the doctorate - and what comes next? Academia - yes or no? How does working in the industry feel? What exactly does a consultant? What else can I do with my Dr.title? The career options after the doctorate are diverse. The new series "Coffee Conversations", offered by the Research Academy, gives junior scientists the possibility for a direct exchange of experiences and insights into career paths of invited insiders in a casual atmosphere.

Guest-Speaker of our first "Coffee Conversations" is Dr. Irene Coin, Emmy Noether group leader at the institute of Biochemistry of Leipzig University. In a Q&A she will deliver insights into her scientific career that led her from the Italian Padua with detours to Berlin and the USA finally to Leipzig. She will also tell you how she succeeded to finance her research with numerous grants from various funding- organisations.

The sharing of personal experiences with the participants is the main goal. Join us for coffee and cake and intensive exchange on June 8 at 3 pm in the premises of the Research Academy, Burgstr. 21. The talk will be held in English. Please register via

Summer Party of the Research Academy

Barbecue and hangout, live music by KARMAgold and the European Championship! We are inviting all (junior) scientists, doctoral students, postdocs, professors and friends to enjoy the sun, relax and have a great night at our summer party. Visit us at the garden of the Villa Tillmanns in the Wächterstraße 30!

You are further invited to partake in our annual reception taking place at 4 pm next door, at the Sächsische Akademie der Wissenschaften to hear a lecture and discuss the topic ‘Effective doctoral supervision as a key to success’. The awardees of this year’s Excellent Doctoral Thesis Award will also be honoured at this occasion. There will be an option to provide childcare at the event, if we receive notice from you until 23 June 2016 to ral(at)

Leibniz-Professor summer semester 2016

Maria Rosa Antognazza is Professor of Philosophy at King’s College London. Educated at the Catholic University of Milan, she has held research and visiting fellowships in Italy, Germany, Israel, Great Britain and the USA, including a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship and a two-year research fellowship from the Leverhulme Trust. She served as Head of the King’s Philosophy Department from February 2012 to July 2015.

Her research interests lie in the history of philosophy (especially early modern and G. W. Leibniz) and in the philosophy of religion (especially the relationship between science and religion, religious epistemology, metaphysical issues in philosophical theology, and the philosophical and theological foundations of religious toleration).

Her publications include Leibniz on the Trinity and the Incarnation: Reason and Revelation in the Seventeenth Century (Yale University Press, 2007), Leibniz: An Intellectual Biography (Cambridge University Press, 2009; winner of the 2010 Pfizer Prize), and Leibniz: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford University Press, forthcoming September 2016). She is the editor of the Oxford Handbook of Leibniz (Oxford University Press) and has contributed numerous papers on seventeenth- and eighteenth-century philosophy, including chapters on religious epistemology and philosophical theology to the Cambridge History of Eighteenth-Century Philosophy.

She has edited early modern texts by G. W. Leibniz, J. H. Alsted, and Hugo Grotius, notably the 1743 English version of Grotius’s De Veritate Religionis Christianae (Liberty Fund, 2012).

During the tenure of her Leibniz-Professorship in the summer semester of 2016, she will lead a Faculty Colloquium in the Department of Philosophy. In conversation with members of the Faculty, she will explore the relationship between reason and revelation in Leibniz, covering faith and religious epistemology; the relationship between metaphysics and revealed theology; ecumenism, toleration, and truth; Leibniz’s conception of God and creatures in the light of the Platonic inheritance; and some of aspects of Leibniz’s arguments for the existence of God. She will also present and discuss, in a Graduate Seminar, her distinctive interpretation of Leibniz’s thought as a whole.

Maria Rosa Antognazza will give her inaugural lecture entitled "Theory and Praxis in Leibniz’s Theological Thought" on 11 Mai 2016 at 7 pm in "Alter Senatssaal" at the Leipzig University.

Newsletter of the Research Academy

Doctoral researchers, students thinking about doing a PhD and others interested can from now on register for the newsletter of the Research Academy. Members of the Research Academy get it automatically and don't have to register separately.

The newsletter will be send to you per mail once per month und contains information about upcoming events or workshops by our Kompetenzschule ELSYS.

To register for the newsletter please write an e-mail with the subject "Newsletter" to Karoline Darmüntzel.

Offers for individual PhD students

As a result of the cooperation with the Research Academy Leipzig, individual doctoral candidates of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes are offered the possibility to take part in the Research Academy’s comprehensive offer for doctoral candidates.

The scholars are granted access to the academic community of teachers and students at the University of Leipzig who engage in continuous scientific exchange.

Besides a mentoring offer that is especially fit to this target group, the doctoral candidates are further invited to multidisciplinary workshops in soft skills as well as language courses. They may apply for conference and travel grants and they may benefit of the Research Academy’s childcare system. PhD students are free to determine the frequency and intensity of their participation.

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