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The Research Academy Leipzig is the umbrella organisation for all structured doctoral qualification programmes at Leipzig University. It aims at providing the best possible conditions for the advancement of young researchers.


Reading with Adam Fletcher: How to be German


The triple Spiegel best-selling author Adam Fletcher will read from his latest book How to be German in which he unveils the funny truth about being German or living as a "little foreigner" in Germany.

26th October 2016, 5:30pm, UFZ Leipzig, KUBUS hall 2

Meeting point to get there with TRAM 3: 4:30 pm, Richard-Wagner-Platz (Fountains)


The British writer will not only read but also get into an interactive exchange. We will be able to understand ourselves as Germans and to get a humorous reflection about how to survive in Germany as a foreigner. With his first book, Adam Fletcher helped more than a hundred thousand locals and "little Ausländer" navigate the quirks of our charismatic land. Now he’s back with fifty new and advanced integration steps that explain the sticky friendship glue of Kaffee and Kuchen, the educational superiority of wood, and the rituals of the German Weihnachtsmarkt. You’ll learn how to blame the weather for most of your ailments, how to survive a visit to your local Baumarkt, why Germans take their kitchen when they move, and why you keep losing to them at table football.

This event is a cooperation project between the Leipzig University and the Helmholtz-Center for Environmental Research-UFZ. It is open for all UFZ members and guest scientists from the university. Besides the interaction with the audience and the possibility to ask questions there will be a meet and greet with snacks at the end. If you are interested in this event, please register here:

Pursuing a Doctorate in Leipzig - A Guide for Doctoral Researchers

As a result of intense work, it is our pleasure to release the new guide for doctoral researchers ‘Pursuing a Doctorate in Leipzig’, a joint project of the PromovierendenRat and the Research Academy Leipzig.

This extensive brochure provides a lot of helpful information concerning the beginning of a doctoral project, meant to facilitate the introduction into this important qualification phase for doctoral students and those interested in pursuing a doctorate.

First published as a bilingual guide, this third edition has undergone major improvements and updates. It is an important pilot project acting as example for similar initiatives at other universities.

The printed version can be purchased for a protective fee of 2 Euros directly at the PromovierendenRat or the Research Academy. Please turn to us if you are interested. The digital version of the brochure is available for free download here

Newsletter of the Research Academy

Doctoral researchers, students thinking about doing a PhD and others interested can from now on register for the newsletter of the Research Academy. Members of the Research Academy get it automatically and don't have to register separately.

The newsletter will be send to you per mail once per month und contains information about upcoming events or workshops by our Kompetenzschule ELSYS.

To register for the newsletter please write an e-mail with the subject "Newsletter" to Karoline Darmüntzel.

Offers for individual PhD students

As a result of the cooperation with the Research Academy Leipzig, individual doctoral candidates of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes are offered the possibility to take part in the Research Academy’s comprehensive offer for doctoral candidates.

The scholars are granted access to the academic community of teachers and students at the University of Leipzig who engage in continuous scientific exchange.

Besides a mentoring offer that is especially fit to this target group, the doctoral candidates are further invited to multidisciplinary workshops in soft skills as well as language courses. They may apply for conference and travel grants and they may benefit of the Research Academy’s childcare system. PhD students are free to determine the frequency and intensity of their participation.

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