Coming as an exchange student  

Deadlines 2014/15 for Erasmus+ students:

15.07.2014 (for starting your studies in the winter semester 2014/15)
15.01.2015 (for starting your studies in the summer semester 2015)

Coming to Leipzig

If you want to study at Leipzig University for one to two semesters, you can join us as an ERASMUS student, as an exchange student or as a scholarship holder. In any case, Leipzig has a lot in store for you: 

    Applying to Leipzig

    Sufficient knowledge of the language of tuition, i.e. German or English, is crucial for your exchange semesters at Leipzig University. 

    ERASMUS students and exchange students

    How to apply as an exchange student

    Holders of Scholarships from the DAAD or Fulbright Commission

    Please apply to the respective organisations directly. Once you have been selected as a scholarship holder, the DAAD or Fulbright Commission will forward your documents to Leipzig University. After that, you will receive all necessary information from the International Centre of Leipzig University.

    Studying in Leipzig

    To take up your studies at Leipzig University you must enrol. The specific dates and location for enrolment are sent to you with your letter of admission and can be looked up in the general information section on these web pages.

    The ERASMUS departmental coordinators and the study advisors at Leipzig University will help you organise your study programme. You can find more details on this matter in the FAQ section.

    The academic calender has a winter and a summer semester.

    Semester fee, UniCard, re-enrolment etc. - To find out more on these issues, please see our general information section.

    Living in Leipzig

    Visa issues, how to get here, semester ticket, finding accommodation, working in Leipzig - find out more in our general information section.

    International student organisations are an ideal starting point to get in touch with new friends:

    Make your choice from among the great number of spare-time activities such as sports, music or other ways of having fun: 

    last update: 15.12.2014 
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    International Centre
    Jane Moros
    (bilateral agreements, MAUI, AEN)
    Contact | Office hours

    Christiane Schmidt
    (ERASMUS, IAESTE, Franco-German University)
    Contact | Office hours

    Martina Otto
    (DAAD-scholarship holders)
    Contact | Office hours

    New at Leipzig University?

    Find your buddy. Find your way around your faculty.