Leave semesters  

Urlaubssemester (leave semesters)

As a student at Leipzig University, you have the right, under Section 21 of the Immatrikulationsordnung (Enrolment Regulation), to two leave semesters during your studies at your own request.

No leave can be granted for the first semester of your chosen study programme or if you enrol for the first time in a later semester. Nor can leave be granted for past semesters, unless the requirements of Section 21 para. 2 sentences 3 and 4 (illness) are met.

Written approval from the Vice-Rector for Study and Teaching is necessary for the third and any subsequent leave semesters. Leave semesters due to pregnancy/parental leave or internship abroad (with proof) or completion of a service position (with proof) does not require this approval.

International students must submit the completed application for leave semesters to the International Centre within the re-enrolment period.
German students must submit the Antrag auf Beurlaubung (application for leave semesters) to the Student Office during the re-enrolment period.

Leave semesters do not count as study semesters. Periods of study abroad can be counted as study semesters on request. The decision is made by the relevant examination committee.

If the leave of absence extends over two semesters in succession, they can be applied for as one period of absence.

Course and exam achievements can be produced during the leave semesters.

Semester fee obligation

Students on leave semesters must pay the full semester fee. A fee waiver can be applied for, in which case the application must be submitted to the Leipzig Student Services four weeks before the start of the semester.

Studentenwerk Leipzig (Leipzig student services)
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Goethestr. 6
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Phone: +49 341 9659665

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