Removal from register  

Removal from register

Application for the removal from register can be made for various reasons (Enrolment Regulations of Leipzig University, Section 23). To do this you must use the Antrag auf Exmatrikulation (application for removal from the register) stating the relevant date.

It is not possible to cancel past enrolments. Enrolment cancellations ex officio may be an exception.

If a student is removed from register because he/she did not re-enrol or did not re-enrol in due time, such removal will take effect on the last day of the semester in which the student was enrolled or alternatively the semester in which re-enrolment was last submitted (Section 23(6)).

If you hand in your UniCard, the deposit can be reimbursed. Please submit
the Antrag auf Rückerstattung der UniCard-Kaution (application for reimbursement of the UniCard deposit).

The application documents that you submit for enrolment and the correspondence conducted with you during your time at university will be kept in the archives of the Akademisches Auslandsamt (International Centre) and will be passed on the University Archives after five years. Please write to the university archives if you have any subsequent enquiries relating to the time you spent at the university.

National students

If you enrolled as a new student this semester and have not yet started the semester, instead of removal from the register please apply for relinquishment of the university place.

Removal from the register takes place on request. If you submit your request by post, an adequately stamped self-addressed envelope must be enclosed.

Removal from the register can take place officially with no separate application for various reasons, which are regulated in the enrolment regulations.
Retrospective removal from the register is not permitted.

Confirmation of removal from the register is issued on submission of an application.

In accordance with the statutes, a refund of the semester fee paid is only possible at the start of the semester (winter semester 01.10./summer semester 01.04.). Take the application for refund of the semester fee to the Leipzig Student Services. The deposit can only be refunded if you hand in the UniCard. You must sort out the refund for any credit before you hand the card in. The deposit can only be returned if you fill in the adjacent application for a refund and enclose the UniCard.

The application documents submitted at enrolment, plus any correspondence carried out during your years of study, are kept in the archive of the Studentensekretariat and forwarded to the University Archives after a few years. Subsequent queries regarding your years of study can be made in writing.

last update: 30.09.2015 
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