Semester fee  

Semesterbeitrag (semester fee)

Semester fee for the summer semester 2015: 193,50 € (203,50 € for new students)

Under current legal regulations, every student must pay contributions to the student body (currently 8.00 EUR) and the Studentenwerk Leipzig (Leipzig Student Services) (currently 185,50 EUR) every semester. The currently totals 193,50 EUR for regular students and 203,50 EUR for new students. Students who have withdrawn from the student body do not pay the contribution to the student body. The higher amount newly enrolled students pay is due to a one-off deposit of 10.00 EUR for the machine-readable student card (UniCard).


Newly enrolled students: You will be asked electronically to pay the semester fee once you have been admitted. Please do not pay beforehand.
Current students: You have the option of paying your semester fee with a SEPA direct debiting service through the AlmaWeb portal. Upon selecting "My dates and documents" you will be shown your current balance. You can then place an order for a one-off direct debit for this amount by entering your IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and BIC (Business Identifier Code).This generates a singular SEPA-mandate and its reference number which will be listed in the AlmaWeb portal. To finalize the payment, you will be aksed to confirm the action by entering an iTAN.

Please note that you must be the holder of the account or entitled to sign for the stated account. Third persons such as parents are currently not allowed to settle the semester fee for you through their own bank accounts.

If you cannot use the above mentioned payment method, please pay the semester fee to

Sparkasse Leipzig
IBAN: DE 91860555921100156760

Always enter your Matrikelnummer (enrolment number), your full name, and the semester (WS for winter semester/SS for summer semester) into the section Verwendungszweck (purpose of use).

Why do you have to pay the semester fee?

The university administration has a legal obligation to collect this semester fee from students and to forward it free of charge to the StudentInnenrat (student council) and the Studentenwerk Leipzig (Leipzig Student Services) for statutory use. If you have any questions about the use of these funds, please contact the two institutions directly.

Withdrawal from the student body

According to the Sächsische Hochschulfreiheitsgesetz (§ 24, p.p. 3, sentence 1), students may withdraw from the student body. If you wish to do so, please hand in the following form to the International Centre before paying the semester fee:

Application for withdrawing from the student body

What are the consequences of withdrawing from the student body?

In case you have specific questions concerning the withdrawal feel free to contact Martina Otto during her regular office hours.

last update: 11.06.2015 
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